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Annual Handicap Tournament

Our annual handicap tournament is played towards the end of each year, the winner is awarded the Joe Guy Trophy.

Players are given a handicap based on their perfomance in club games during the year up to the start of the tournament. (See below for the exact formula used.) A player gets the number of points equal to their handicap added to the score they get during the game.


2012: Robert Pells       Results Printable version

2011: Alan Guy       Results Printable version

2010: Alan Guy       Results Printable version

2009: Kath Allen       Results Printable version

2008: Robert Pells       Results Printable version

2007: Harry Beckett

2006: Marie Gard

2005: Harry Beckett

2004: Harry Beckett

2003: Jane Tarver

2002: Carol Sienkiewicz

2001: Tom Beardmore

2000: Cyndy Walker-Firth

1999: Harry Beckett

1998: Brenda Baxter

1997: Brenda Baxter

1996: Robert Pells

1995: Cyndy Walker-Firth

1994: Robert Pells

1993: Brenda Baxter

1992: N. Marsden

1991: Joe Guy

1990: Joe Guy

Handicap formula

The handicap formula currently used for this tournament is based on the results of games in the previous twelve months. The values used are the players average spread and average score over their first round games and their rating at the start of the tournament. The handicaps are automatically generated and displayed on the results page.

If a player doesn't have a rating or has played less than twenty first round games in the previous year a warning is issued and their rating may be adjusted by the tournament director.

The rating component (R) is calculated by subtracting the player's rating from the maximum rating of any player.

The average score component (V) is obtained by subtracting the player's average score from the maximum average score obtained by any player.

The spread component for a player (S) is calculated by taking the highest average spread scored by any player and subtracting the player's average spread.

The raw handicap score (RH) is then obtained from the following formula:

RH = 0.6R + 0.3V + 0.1S

The raw handicap score is then rounded to the nearest whole number. Finally the lowest raw handicap score is subtracted from all the raw handicap scores to give the final handicaps. This procedure means that the strongest player has a handicap of 0.