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About the club...

We are an informal club. Players of all abilities play in the club. Both social and more competitive players come to the club each week to enjoy a game of Scrabble. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, play for fun or are a more serious player - everyone is welcome.

Meeting Place And Time

We meet every Thursday throughout the year. You are most welcome to join us.

We are based in the Peaseland Lounge of the Anchorage Residential Home, Westcliffe Road, Shipley (it's near the Asda).

We start at 7:15pm and generally finish at about 9:30pm.

If you live in the Bradford or Keighley area and you are interested in coming to the club, please contact us by sending an email to Harry and Sandra . We look forward to meeting you.


Membership is £1.50 per week, but your first visit is free.

Format and Prizes

Each week, we play two games of Scrabble. The first game is a random draw between all the players. In the second round the players are paired using the king-of-the-hill system.

Monthly results are compiled by our statistician and announced at the club as well as being displayed on this website. A player can only be the monthly winner once in a six-month period (January-June and July-December); this gives other players a chance at being a monthly winner.

At the end of the year the annual results are compiled. Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Each October we have a handicap knockout competition. Players are given a number of points to start each game. Typically, the handicaps are based upon the players' results for the year up to the end of September. Stronger players will naturally have fewer points to start with. A shield is given to the winner. The shield is kept for a year and has the winner's name engraved on it. There's also a smaller shield for the runner-up which is also kept for a year.

Rating system

We have a rating system for players which helps us determine handicaps for our annual handicap tournament and also allows players to see how well they are doing in relation to other players. The ratings are updated monthly, more information can be found on the Rating System page.

External Competitions

The club organises two local charity competitions each year, in July and November. The July event is a small contest (about 50 players) held in Shipley. The field is usually split into two or three groups, with stronger players in Group A. The cost of entry is about £6.00.

The November competition is held in Shipley and typically has about 70 players. The field is usually split into three groups. At each competition we play four games of scrabble. Gift token prizes are given to 1st and 2nd in each group as well as a prize for the highest word scored. A shield is given to each group winner. The entry fee is typically about £6.00.

Our members regularly go to other competitions throughout our region during the year.